We create your web presents with the following. Website, MySpace, face book, and titter. We drive traffic to your sites threw partner companies all ready on board in your area. We use all of our marketing tools. Which is better than ads in the paper that never get scene? Let’s face it we live in an on demand world. Newspapers and flyers are a thing of the past it is time for your company to stand out above the rest and be heard and seen that is what 2 idiots and a microphone creates for you. Strategic domain names for your products. Jingles with a hook and a melody that sticks in your head.  

We can put any product in the world to the sounds of music with a voice over. If you’re a recording artist looking to make that cd, that stand above the rest then call the best. We have a proven track record with hits by Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, The Back Street Boys and many more. A relationship with Universal Music Group Publishing and we are  connected to the most powerful people in the music business. We have Total Global Distribution to 100 million downloaders in over 50 countries.  What ever it takes. We make it happen.

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