No other companies offer what we do. We were the first to recognize the power social network advertising and while, after 15 years, our services and product line has constantly expanded, we believe our continued, basic approach to the social networking  medium is more unique, powerful and successful than any of our competitors to come. There are many ways to build an social networking media , but you simply won't find a more results-oriented company, nor one more successful, more thoroughly researched and more dedicated to its' clients, 2 idiots and a microphone.

2 idiots and a microphone  advertising, music and voice mail projects for the telephone and audio/visual lifestyle programming for offices and retail locations.

Customer Service:
2 idiots and a microphone  is a team of dedicated professionals who are determined to provide the best service in the industry. Period. Others will soon claim the same, but we consistently deliver. Large enough to be the most successful social networking advertising provider in North America, yet small enough to be customer-service and satisfaction driven: that's 2 idiots and a microphone.

Committed to Results:
Our goal is to provide you a return on your investment by being an integral part of your marketing team with powerful social networking  advertising campaigns, allowing you the freedom to pursue other details of your business

Peace of Mind:
From updating your social networking  messages to providing creative music from our catalog from some of the best song writers in the industry. 2 idiots and a microphone  makes sure that the first contact between your company and your customer remains as powerful as the hundredth.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work - skilled copywriting, professional voice talent, musical selections performed by professional national recording artists and exceptional production techniques - all combined to create the strongest social networking advertising program you can buy.



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