When professionally voiced and produced, social network  advertising messages will enhance the identity of a business, reinforce their branding and promote their services.

At 2 idiots and a microphone, we take pride in our ability to give a high level of professional and impactful voicing no matter what the client or service or delivery or language. Our experienced voice talent will sound natural and convincing, be they excited, conversational or warm.

Bryan Wayne Perry: Producer, Copywriter, Songwriter, A / R director

Justin Wayne Jones: Producer, Copywriter, Songwriter, Artist

Janet Wise McCormick: copywriter ,songwriter, vocal-talent, Author, Chef

IzZy Beatz: Producer, Copywriter, Songwriter, Artist

Missy Tone: Producer, copywriter, Songwriter, Artist

Crazy J: Copywriter, Songwriter, Artist

Henry Smith: Copywriter, Songwriter, Guitarist

Darrell Dumas: Copywriter, songwriter, Artist 

Johnny Johnson: Copywriter, songwriter, Artist






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